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5 Minute Typing Test

The 5 Minute Typing Test is a timed skill test measuring typing speed and accuracy in five Minute. It is designed to determine how quickly, accurately efficiently you can create a document using a computer keyboard. The performance of user on the"5 Minute Typing Test" is reflected in the words per minute (WPM) that he/ she type. The test algorithm is designed in such way that it automatically scores the test for both speed and accuracy. Along with Checking your tping speed you also get a Free Typing Test Certificate.

Typing Boss is the complete scan of your typing skills given accurate result of your typing capabilities in terms of Word per Minute and Accuracy percentage. Typing Test is the tool for practice typing, there are many different kind of typing exercise for movement of your finger on full keyboard keys. Typing test shows real time statics in terms of typing speed and word errors. When the test complete you can see your gross typing speed - Gross typing speed means how fast you are on the keyboard. It includes mistakes you have done during the test. Real time statics increases as you press any key on the keyboard. Net Word per minute calculate after deducting your word errors in the passage you had typed. Accuracy is the ratio between Gross WPM and Net WPM. The Result statics also shows the passage you had typed. It highlighted the words in red if you made mistake in spelling of word during typing. Words highlighted in green if you missed any word during the test. 

Typing Test is free tool for practicing and increasing typing speed, identifying your word errors and accuracy ratio. Practice before going to attempt any typing test and got selected in typing speed. Practice daily for increasing typing speed and increase your life too. Save Time in typing enjoy saved time in other activities. Practice once make life longer for 4-5 years.